Rabu, 19 Agustus 2015

Living Room Decor without Spending Money

With these simple ideas you can decorate your room in no time and without breaking your pocket. So cheer up and give a new look to your room.

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Natural flowers. Flowers, especially those that are natural, are ideal to give the space a natural and beautiful touch. Natural flowers receive more attention than anything in the decoration. To do this, you need not spend much money on the purchase of specific flowers every week, as those growing in your garden or patio are sufficient to place them in your room.

You can not just put flowers but also plants that actually flourish in certain season of the year, thus it is not necessary to change the flowers whenever necessary. Although many of the plants do not have flowers all year, but always give your space the natural touch.

Favorite books. You can also decorate your room with magazines and books, these are great accessories and decorative objects and both are a great talking point. So, I recommend you take out your favorite books you have on your shelf or other living room furniture and place them on a small table top of each other trying to form a tower. Ideally, put books with relaxing images, travel books or books on architecture or current fashion magazines.

Add color to the ground or floor. It is essential that add color to the floor of his room, this can be achieved by putting on a cute colorful floor mat or a beautiful colorful carpet. For instance; if your room has light or neutral tone, put on the floor mat containing a cute geometric shapes and bright colors with this it will give a lot of life to your room.

Do not forget the walls. Do not forget to give your room a touch of color to paint the walls. If you do not want, you can not add to the bright colors wall as light colors are also responsible for giving its completion room. My advice is to opt for light colors, because they are ideal to give your room is a different look and above all help to properly illuminate every corner. If you want to save money and time, I suggest you paint just an accent wall.

Use a piece that catches your eye. Sometimes the rooms can look very planned and without fun. For instance; to give a creative touch to your room, you should put a striking piece. This striking piece can be a modern painting, an antique chair, a candlestick or just put in a corner of the hall a statue of floor.

Do not worry if you have purchased the piece does not harmonize with the rest of the room, be sure to use only common element, such as style, material or color, to harmonize. The important thing is that this piece really highlight and a change to space.

Cushions. If your room has sofas that are neutral in color, I suggest you add pillows or cushions that are attractive and different fabric. You can choose a glossy tone or a light shade, but be sure to choose a pattern that really stand out. The large cushions are easier to keep them well-ordered that small, but if we want to give a fun touch to the room we need to put several smaller cushions. If you want your sofa to look tidier, I suggest you choose an even number of cushions.